Today I’m Selling CROWDSPRING

In the fall of 1906 a British scientist and statistics professor, Francis Galton,  stumbled on an extraordinary truth.  While attending a county fair of sorts he saw an expose with a beef cow on display with the crowd being encouraged to guess its weight – typical county fair fun.  After the awards had been given and the exhibitor was shutting down for the evening Francis asked if he could have the tickets for his class.

When he went home, to his great shock and amazement, he realized that while no person had come closer than 10% of the correct weight the crowd of 780 attendees had guessed the right answer to within 1/2 a kilogram.

Francis spent the next 20 years gathering similar data.  Jelly beans in a jar, the weight of a bag of cotton balls, the eventual height of a pile of blocks: the results were always the same.  The crowd, on average, always gets the right answer.

Fast forward to 2010 and the age of the internet and the flat world.  Along comes Crowdspring a design website where the crowd designs your marketing material.  You post a project, give a budget and some basic instructions and about 100 designers from all over the world give you three or four of their best ideas for accomplishing what you’re trying to do.   The crowd gives you their opinion – you get the right answer.

Having a brand team in-house is a great and appropriate idea – but relying on one or two minds to develop a cogent, powerful idea isn’t.  Crowdspring is a very inexpensive, powerful, and enlightened tool that puts you back in the driver seat; you now see all angles and all options and you can pick the optimal output.

In real estate you get rich on the buy, not the sell.  Similarly in marketing you succeed based on the work you put into the idea and concept before you launch – Crowdspring gives you a leg up.

“Today I’m Selling” is a series dedicated to practicing your sales pitching capabilities. We’ll post a product … we’ll give our best pitch … and then you give yours. Give it a try – it will make you better at what you do.  Leave your own pitch in the comments section or let us know what you liked or would change.  Practice makes perfect and perfect (in sales) makes wealthy.


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